Recipe Nutty Banana Smoothie

We all like giving our dogs a nice treat everyday. The great thing about giving them fruit or vegetables as a snack is that you’re giving something healthy without too many calories.

It also provides extra nutrition that could be beneficial. It doesn’t hurt getting a little extra boost. Besides fruit and vegetables provide a bit of taste variety and added texture to a dog’s diet.

Fruit and vegetables are a great source of fibre which helps to aid digestion. They provide additional hydration and contain antioxidants.

Just because all fruit, nuts and vegetables are good for us, this doesn’t mean they’re all good for dogs.

Hazelnuts are one of the safe nuts you can use. They are a good source of fibre, unsaturated fats, magnesium, Vitamin A and E. An allround good nut for heart health and to help reduce the risk of cancer. It is also beneficial for muscle, skin, joint and bone condition.

The banana has to be nature's superfood heavyweight. Rich in calcium, potassium, iron and much more; it’s great for the body as a whole.

So for this dog treat I am going to use a banana, ground hazelnuts and soy milk. Dogs can have cow’s milk in moderation, but if your dog has a lactose issue, you can use soy milk. Dogs digest soy milk very well and many commercial dog foods contain soy. Soy milk is a good protein source, and is enriched with calcium and vitamins.

I am going to use Lickimat Soother because it disperses liquid treats well. The fine tooth surface gets coated nicely, therefore making it a longer lasting treat than using Lickimat Buddy or Playdate when using runny blends. You can freeze this treat to make a delicious banana lickable ice cream.

1 cup soy milk
1 heap tablespoon hazelnut meal
1 medium banana

Place all ingredients in a blender and make a smooth blend. Make it as thin or thick as you like by adding less milk or more banana. I made mine quite runny as I wanted to pour it onto the Lickimat.
This mix should serve 2 Lickimats. Store leftover mix in fridge for a few days to use later. If you have a spare Lickmat, load it with the remaining smoothie and keep in the freezer.

Mackie's Taste Verdict
I wasn't too sure about this recipe and approached with great caution. I didn't think the smooth texture would have done much for my superior palate.  This blend has a lovely fruity note with the earthy tone of the hazelnuts coming through clearly. The milkshake was not really to my taste. I prefer something less bananery. So I am going to give it 2 ½ stars.

Bonnie and Maggie’s Verdict
We absolutely loved this treat and finished off the Lickimat together. We can’t wait for summer to come as it will make a refreshing frozen treat. We love the fruity banana sweetness so we're giving it 5 stars.

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Lickimat Disclaimer
These recipes are not a daily balanced diet. They are not designed to replace a dog’s daily meal. Like all dog treats, serve only as part of a healthy balanced diet. Check with your vet first to ensure these food suggestions are suitable for your pet.